Who is Nina Monda?


Nina Monda

Managing Director




I am a professional Senior Manager/Director, who is self-motivated, creative, flexible, and enthusiastic, who enjoys a challenge and whose personal desire to succeed in all situations ensures that I achieve the goals set before me.


I have had over 30 years experience in PR, Sales, Marketing, Events, in the Film, Hospitality, Service and Consumer Industries and have a proven track record both in the South Africa, United Kingdom and abroad.


I have excellent management abilities and have managed a team with over 60 employees turning over in excess of GBP 6 million per annum. I pride myself in ensuring that the client always receives the best service and attention and derives a genuine sense of satisfaction from their individual achievements and successes.


My excellent networking skills and ‘hands on’ approach in all aspects of media relations, sponsorships and event management has earned me the respect of those with whom I have worked.  I am easy-going, a ‘people’ person with a good sense of humour and enjoy dealing with people at all levels.



I enjoy meeting people, experiencing different cultures, and learning new skills and techniques.  I’m a team leader who leads from the front, looking for a position that will challenge me to work beyond my limitations.


I enjoy “Start –up” businesses, and moving business to the next level, and seeing the company grow, with me or my company in it.  I enjoy a working environment that is unique, and has plenty of room for innovation and is a progressive organisation that drives me to improve quality and standards, and allows me to apply my imagination and artistic flare. 


I am in the position of looking for a new challenge. I will give 100% to any undertaking that any organisation may require.  I am happy to take up a challenge, even those that may see daunting to some.  I like to plan, organise and create. My ultimate goal is to help make those around me feel special and unique. 


I want to make a difference. I am totally devoted to my career and strive for perfection at all times.  I fully commit myself to everything that I do.


Throughout my career I have constantly achieved and progressed to the benefit of my company and also my clients.  I enjoy challenges and being part of a dynamic team.  

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